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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do JPS responsible for water problems ?

JPS Kelantan it is not responsible for the water supply for domestic or industrial use for JPS only address for agricultural irrigation only. Please contact Air Kelantan SDN BHD (+60 9-743 7777) if you have problems of water supply.

Who should be contacted regarding drainage and flood problems?

Both parties either JPS and local authorities are responsible for the drainage system. Members of the public may be a little bit confused. In general, local authorities are responsible for penbinaan and local drainage system maintenance include roadside ditches and small ditches and canals of monsoon. JPS was responsible for the larger drains or rivers flowing around or outside the local authority area. Flooding that occurs because of clogged drains or sewers are under the jurisdiction of local governments. Flooding due to overflow of water from drains or rivers that are less able to accommodate the flow of water is the responsibility of the JPS. Please contact the Office of Public Relations JPS Kelantan for more information.

Information rainfall and stream flow.

This information has been compiled each year by the Hydrology Branch JPS Jalan Ampang (Tel: 03-4562657). Currently Hydrology Division is building a database system called 'Hydrologic Information System (HIS)' and the supply of information available online. JPS also collect water quality data, particularly suspended solids.

Use River Reserve.

Generally JPS not encourage applications use river reserve land because the need to address the problem promptly repair and maintenance of the river. However, the department took into account the specific application and take action on a case-by-case.

Request a pedestrian bridge.

JPS frequently receive applications to build a pedestrian bridge for local use. Please make an application to the DIRECTOR OF JPS KELANTAN.

Information activities JPS Kelantan.

Students and school or institute of higher learning are among those who need general information about irrigation, rice cultivation, drainage, coastal works, hydrological data and other projects to complete their studies.

For that they can contact Technical Section , JPS Kelantan, Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra, 15200 Kota Bharu.

River Pollution - How to take action.

The Department would appreciate information on the causes and reasons for the pollution. For the record, the JPS will Kelantan with authorities such as the Department of the Environment, the Police and the Department of Fisheries to address the pollution problem.

Clogged Drain.

Refer to the local authority responsible for the maintenance of drains.

Flash flood on roads and highways.

Usually a lot of water can not be accommodated by the drain along the road side drainage causes water to spill over jalan.Rujuk to local authorities for action.

Floods caused by overflowing rivers.

Refer to the Colonial Office JPS K elantan your place for action.

Invasion of river reserves.

If you see anyone starting to encroach on the river reserve (which causes the dirt and pollution of the river), you may contact JPS Kelantan immediately. JPS will get the power to stop them from occupying or encroaching river reserve soon.

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